Ideal notebook

This notebook that I backed on Kickstarter got me thinking about what I want in a notebook. I basically like Moleskine and knock-offs. But for how I use them, as a running journal of ideas, catch-all & for daily task list holder like this:

They are not quite right. So, I am listing all of the characteristics that I want. I emphasized the features that are typically not present in a notebook.

  1. Bound (less messy and destroyable)
  2. Thin (so paper clip can fit over it), flexible, but stiff cover
  3. Elastic strap
  4. Bookmark
  5. Grid
  6. Decent paper
  7. Pocket in back
  8. Subtle page numbers
  9. dimensions slightly >= 8.5x5.5 (so folded paper fits on the front without hanging over)
  10. perforated pages (so can easily save pages for bullet journal)
  11. pen holder on out-side