Helpful iOs Stuff

...These are a collection of resources, reminders, patterns and things I am learning about iOs

iOS Key Lessons

Core Competencies
Layout of Competencies
UI Stuff Patterns iOs Library
.xib vs. app.xib vs. storyboard
delegates NSUserDefaults
practice the simple stuff
Debugging Patterns Animation obj. C Stuff
why is my tableView not showing any data? Animation Blocks Categories

Coding Resources

Websites Tutorials Newsletters
Apple Documenta... RayWenderlich iOs Dev Weekly
Cocoa Controls AppCoda
NSHipster mobileTuts+
Fucking Block Syntax
Invasive Code Blog


Code-Focused Apple-Centric Developer-Centric
Build Phase The Talk Show Debug
Cocoa Radio Accidental Tech The Record
Ray Wenderlich Core Intuition jh

Design Resources

Cheat Sheets User Interaction Layout
iOs7 Cheat Sheet ? Color Schemes
Icons Fonts
Touch Gesture Icons iosFonts
6 Icon Rules
Image Resizer

This Guy:
Alt text Seriously, Geppy was a tremendous help to me in my development as an iOs developer. I have the confidence and foundation to do just about anything iOs-related, thanks to the 5 day intensive course I took from Invasive Code

Core Competencies & Skills

Great List of Interview Questions

Can You Do These Without Looking It Up? (...Simple Application Types.

Now I kind of understand what it is that .xib storyboards are.



Small Things

Collection Operator Speed

Important Controllers, Objects and Patterns


UINavigationController With toolbar

Stuff I am Learning

A Category Pattern I had Completely Overlooked

Practice Plans

2014 Hacking Weekend