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2014-02-26 -- Louis CK -- Louis CK on George Carlin is a short tribute to George Carlin in which he describes how he finally figured out George Carlin's approach to comedy and was able to use the same principles 15 YEARS after he had been doing stand-up comedy without notable success

2014-02-19 -- Cal Newport -- What is your F Chord? is a post about how learning hard chords is a process of developing memory muscle so that one day you no longer think about it. I included, because I hated F chords, and now I realize that I should have spent one month playing a song that had F chords every day. By the end of that month, I bet I would have been pretty good at F chords.

2012 -- "Jack White" -- A good post including a great video by Jack White about "showing up" and also about the role of constraints in creativity.