I just stumbled into how useful sub-classing is

In perusing someone else's code, I stumbled across a subclassing pattern that I had clearly overlooked.

While I am giddy with excitement about this discovery, I am pretty sure that I should be wracked with shame and embarrassment. Oh well...

The only way I had really used them was the (in my opinion) fairly cumbersome pattern:


(further details here)

The new (to me) pattern was to have a class in xcode "MyClass"

and then have a second class "MyLocalClass". In the .h file of MyLocalClass, just replace

MyLocalClass : MainAppleClass


MyLocalClass : MyClass

then all the code in the .m file of MyClass runs as expected. All of the methods & properties (including IBOutlets and IBActions) in the .h can be called in the .m of MyLocalClass. And then in the IB Navigator, all of the MyClass IBOulets and IBActions are all in the sidebar menu under the -> option, just waiting to be dragged from.